Welcome back to The Greyhound

Welcome back to The Greyhound

What a relief it is to open once more for food and refreshment after the end of Lockdown 3. All of us here at The Greyhound sincerely hope you and your loved ones have remained healthy.

We are back open from Monday, April 12, with various restrictions that we will enforce to the letter in our usual polite way! These are legal requirements, so don’t blame us:

  • You can only sit outside
  • You must sign in on our sheet or using the NHS app
  • There will be table service
  • The rule of six applies
  • You must wear masks when inside paying the bill or using the toilet
  • Our pods are not in use until May 17.

As you might expect, anticipation is high among those of you looking forward to getting back to the pub. We are getting many bookings and inquiries, so we strongly advise you to book a table in advance.


Please try to book a table in advance.

We’ll always try to fit casual visitors in, but please understand we will be sticking to the regulations.

If you should like to book, you can contact us as usual via our social media channels, by emailing bookings@thegreyhoundipswich.co.uk or calling 01473 252862.

Our opening times may vary, so it’s best to check our social media for the very latest. However, for the first week, our plan is detailed in this photo:


That’s all for now. We’re sure the weather will be gorgeous, so sitting outside will be lovely. Do come prepared, just in case there is the tiniest chance it might rain or be below 20 degrees centigrade.