Norwood Nachos get cheaper as the goals fly in

Norwood Nachos get cheaper as the goals fly in

Today, we’re proud to unveil Norwood Nachos, our new Ipswich Town matchday dish.

But this is no normal tasty nachos treat because the more league goals James Norwood scores this season, the cheaper it gets.

Norwood Nachos will start at £10 for the first home game of the season against Sunderland. However, the price will come down for subsequent home games if…

£9 if Norwood scores on his home debut

£8 when he’s bagged ten goals

£7 when 15 goals hit the back of the net

£6 if he reaches the 20 mark

£5 for 25 goals

£4 for an incredible 30 goals

And if the striker hits a sensational 35 goals, he’ll get the keys to the pub*.

Having found his scoring boots 32 times for Tranmere last season, The Greyhound landlord, Dan Lightfoot is preparing to lose a small fortune on Norwood Nachos.

With a fair wind, Norwood could have netted 15 times by Christmas, meaning Norwood Nachos will already be a bargain £7!

Nachos are a favourite staple of The Greyhound’s fantastic menu, which includes a full daily specials board.

Things change up a little at lunchtimes prior to home games at Portman Road, which is only 15 minutes walk away from the Adnams pub in Henley Road.

First, there was the Big Mick Burger, but this outstayed its welcome and finally flounced off the menu after five years, leaving a bitter taste.

Then the Paul Hurst Curry Wurst enjoyed a short-lived tenure on the menu before being hastily replaced by the Paul Lambembert Burger, which will remain on the menu this season.

The Norwood Nachos — also available as a vegetarian option — comes in a bumper-size serving and is topped with chilli, melted cheese and gherkin (not former goalkeeper Dean Gerken).

Mr Lightfoot said: “I’m risking a small fortune here. On the one hand, like every other Ipswich fan, I want James Norwood to score a hatful.

“But on the other hand, I’ve got a family of my own to feed, so can’t afford to be giving away pub food like this.

“I can just about cope if he gets to 25 goals by April.”

Norwood Nachos makes it debut on Saturday, August 10 for the Sunderland game.


* Obviously, James Norwood won’t be given the keys to the pub if he reaches 35 goals, but the landlord will make a donation to a charity of the striker’s choice.