Enjoy Adnams’ new cider here first

Enjoy Adnams’ new cider here first


We’re delighted The Greyhound was chosen by Adnams to showcase its first cider, Wild Wave.

The new 5% ABV English cider, made with apples from the foot of the Malvern Hills, is Adnams’ first entry into the cider market.

It was launched today and you can be among the first to try it out by coming to see us at Henley Road in Ipswich!

Our brewery (we’re an Adnams pub) used to be all about beer. While staples such as Southwold bitter and Ghost Ship IPA are still market leading and a firm favourite all over the country, Adnams has also moved into the distilling business.

Gins, vodkas and whisky have won awards galore, so perhaps it was not too much of a surprise that the company announced today it was also venturing into cider.

Wild Wave is made from 100% English apples, a blend of bittersweet and dessert apples, which master brewer Fergus Fitzgerald says will add a little more tannin.

The sparkling cider comes with flavours and aromas of fresh apples, mango and tropical fruit.

While we’d love you to pop into the pub to try it for yourself, you can also pick up cans and mini kegs of the new brew from Adnams retail outlets.

Here’s Fergus and Adnams master of wine James Davis talking about the new cider.