Pub caretaker promoted at last for his 80th birthday

Pub caretaker promoted at last for his 80th birthday

An 80-year-old Ipswich caretaker has finally been promoted after a rival business tried to poach him.

Hard-working Reginald ‘Ken’ Lightfoot was promoted to a new position of Executive Senior Manager of Sanitation and Waste Disposal Services at The Greyhound pub.

Mr Lightfoot celebrates his 80th birthday this week and told pals his step up was “the best present ever”.

His new position came about after the town centre Arcade Tavern bar tried to prise him away from the popular Adnams pub in Henley Road.

Ken Lightfoot promoted


Ken goes about his work…

… while the landlord drives behind


Hard work is rewarded

An insider at The Greyhound said: “When the landlord heard about the Arcade’s underhand approach he took swift action.

“Mr Lightfoot might be 80, but he’s one of the hardest working people in Ipswich. You never hear him complaining.

“He keeps the facilities sparkling clean and shows no sign of slowing down.

“This new title is rather grand, so let’s hope it doesn’t go to his head.”

Drunk Scottish people

Mr Lightfoot spent his career working on the sleeper trains operating between London and Scotland.

He was believed to be single-handedly responsible for 6,000 Celtic fans arriving drunk in Ipswich for the 1981 Allan Hunter testimonial.

They caused a floodlight failure at Portman Road by allegedly urinating down the back of the stand.

“And Mr Lightfoot wonders why there is not a statue of him outside the stadium,” the pub insider added.

It is not clear if this well-deserved work promotion will stop Mr Lightfoot from going on about deserving an OBE as well.

A friend of Mr Lightfoot said: “It’s never too late for your hard work to be rewarded. I expect he’ll celebrate with a glass or six of beer.”

Reginald 'Ken' Lightfoot

An ancient photo of Mr Lightfoot, left, with his Uncle Stan and brother Bob