Paul Hurst Curry Wurst a big hit with Ipswich fans

Paul Hurst Curry Wurst a big hit with Ipswich fans

LANDLORD’S NOTE: The Hurst Curry Wurst was sacked, along with the manager in October 2018, and has been replaced by the Paul Lamembert Burger.


Following the long and rather sad demise of our famed Big Mick Burger, created in honour of former Ipswich manager Mick McCarthy, we set about finding a replacement for hungry match-day fans.

With new boss Paul Hurst taking over the hot seat, we asked our creative customers on Twitter for suggestions.

An excellent range of ideas were put forward, some admittedly not fit for family viewing, but in the end we settled on a rather cool idea from Town fan SuperFrans.

The Paul Hurst Curry Wurst was born, and on the opening home game of the season against Blackburn Rovers last Saturday, it gave old Big Mick a sound thrashing.

We sold 15 of the Paul Hurst Curry Wursts at lunchtime before kick-off. The much-maligned Big Mick, although delicious, was only managing six or seven sales as it clung on to our football specials board towards the end of last season.

Our sales are clearly a true barometer of how Ipswich Town fans are feeling. After an initial successful year or so on our football menu, the Big Mick Burger became increasingly unpopular. It even turned a little belligerent and told the landlord that IT would decided when it came off the menu, nobody else.


There was even a temporary replacement of the name on the menu, which visiting Millwall fans enjoyed…


Before too long, however, it was consigned to history (although it has begun appearing as a pundit on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday).

The tasty new delicacy showed just how excited ITFC fans are about Paul Hurst replacing Mick McCarthy as manager.

Landlord Dan Lightfoot said: “For many, Big Mick had become hard to swallow.

“But everyone loves the Paul Hurst Curry Wurst. Selling 15 of them on the first day was a great tribute to the way Mr Hurst has brought Ipswich fans back together.

“Hopefully it bodes well for an exciting season at Portman Road.”

The Paul Hurst Curry Wurst costs just £10 and consists of a delicious lightly-spiced sausage from Procter’s, the sausage experts in The Walk. It’s topped with fried onions and curry sauce, with chips and salad garnish.

If you fancy getting your hands on one, it will be on the specials board before the next home game against Aston Villa on Saturday, August 18.